What makes a fence good?

With so many options out there how do I know if I’m getting a good or bad fence? As with most products not all are the same.

Fences have different “profiles” or dimensions and wall thicknesses. Although most fences are a standard thickness there are still some on the market that are thinner and even made overseas.

For example, compare top/bottom rails…we carry the heavy duty 8 inch rails as compared to the smaller 5 1/2 inch older design rails. These bigger, bulkier rails stand up to much more wind pressure. Also watch how far apart some companies set the posts. Most set posts at either 6ft or 7ft apart. This is common. However some set posts at 8ft which in our opinion too far apart, causing the rails to sag (over time) under the weight of the slats.

Additionally, the methods a company uses to actually install the fence matters greatly. We’ll discuss this next blog.

We have “high wind” fencing with the heavy duty 8 inch deco rails top & bottom.
Our gates are made with an inner steel frame, making them very durable.

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